Saturday, July 18, 2009

hahaha shoot this should've been posted yesterday but i was too tired. That was one of the best fridays of this summer so far. hahaha felt like just an ordinary day at first, went to get a haircut then went to papa's to eat some pizza. Went home thinking of what to do as i played my ps3. Then out of nowhere tesa and kevin surprise attack me and come to my house to pick me up. Went to DQ with them cause they were hungry (LOL honestly didn't feel like third wheel although i should've.) I wasn't hungry at first but as i watched the many strangers eating there, i was tempted to get a blizzard... so i did. hahah. We went to jenn's house and we were surprise attacked by a bucket filled with water. Didn't bring any clothes and no one told me there was gonna be a water fight. I was completely drenched. frickin water ballons, buckets, two hoses... and a water gun that shot STINKY WATER... like... water that smelled like shit. Maca frickin' sprayed me almost full body with that shit. I felt gunky. After that we just sat on the patio and ate burgers while playing the "guess what song that is" game. hahah. oooh we also watched the movie "love and basketball" or something like that. hahahha it was good but it could've been better in the end. The climax was eh.. hahaha. Went home around 11 i think? and i still wasn't dry (my shorts were still wet as hell. LOL) Came home and crashed then woke up today so early because chow called me at home... but i was too lazy to get out of bed. Played some ps3 and then rito came over cause he had to work on his resume (his comp is broken.) Downloaded some new demos on my ps3 like fight night, pixel junk games, disney's Up! HAHAH Up is the craziest demo ever. Played some ps3 and also watched the haunting in conneticut too. shiiit that movie was pretty scary... had its moments. Shoot i need to buy LBP one of these days... but its so frickin expensive still. I need to sell some of my ps2 games since i dont' play them anymore. lol. Shit kk i'm out. Justin Bieber's music video just popped on the television screen.. HAHAHAH

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nice try on your profile pic.
good idea but..