Monday, July 13, 2009

Fall semester.. hurry up and come already.

summer feels soo lame when you're not out. i'm always bored at home since i'm usually the only one here (mom at work, dad being a fuckface, i'm an only child.) I guess thats why i try to go out everyday... because i'm miserable at home. i really need a job because without one i feel purposeless. For an hour i stared at the ceiling in my room, lying on my bed. honestly, i kinda miss school right now. School meant seeing my friends five days a week and just having fun (all homework/tests/projects aside.) Hmm post secondary is going to be interesting. I remember at first, i kinda wanted to go to a post secondary school where no one else, or not many people, from our high school would attend. Then as high school was coming to an end, i started to think that not seeing a lot of the people i've come to know for 5 years.. or even 13 years, was gonna suck. Now... i don't even know. hahah i just want to go to school again.. wherever it is. And be free of this lonely feeling.

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