Monday, July 28, 2008

feeling nostalgic..

Cuba.. maaan.. i kinda miss this shit right now.. when friends were only a balcony hop away... and all the food and beverages downstairs were free.. mmm melia burgers and pina coladas. Life would be awesome if it had a rewind button.. and a fastforward one too

Saturday, July 26, 2008


First blog on this site. Hurray for blogging at 3AM... maaan, summer has been very lame so far.. lately i've been very very bored. not doing anything productive with my time right now. I'm still unemployed even after applying at earls where getting hired is almost basically GUARANTEED.. =/. I should've taken summer school or something so my summer wouldn't have been such a bust. My sleeping habits are messed too, hahah, recently i've been sleeping around 6AM and waking up around 1-2PM. Oh yeah i also have two humongous mosquito bites on my back.. so it hurts to sleep on my back. haha =(. Fuck i really suck at blogging... haha. Honestly, i can't wait for school to start so i don't have to stay home miserable anymore.
*end vent*

i'll be back.. maybe.

EDIT: haha this is fucking stupid. too bad i'm lazy to fix it