Saturday, February 13, 2010

fuck. some people just aren't worth your time

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


i'm not going to type using proper grammar... too tired.

the title of this post... thats all i hear from my teachers nowadays. my courses or teachers aren't really the problem though. hahah i'm just too lazy to give a damn about school right now. it's the wrong attitude, but i can't help it. i know i'm whining, but i'm a whiner. lol. I WANNA STAY 18 FOREVER. i wanna continue to live knowing i don't have to work to support myself. i just want to sleep, eat, and go out and do stuff with friends. i'm very selfish :D. too bad life doesn't work like that. I swear. . . i need to find a way to get on to one of those shows like big brother, deal or no deal, family feud or something. Heck i'd even do survivor for 40 days. . . Life better not be like this after post secondary. i need more purpose to live godamnit!

On another note, i'm so hyped for the olympic break already! woooot. 5 and half more weeks!!! CMONNN. can't wait to sleep in again. i wish i was an athlete in the olympics, that way i wouldn't have to go to school and i could just win gold medals and get endorsement deals so forth. if only i was half filipino half something else. full filipinos get shafted in sports unless your name is Manny Pacquiao. . . but i still want to see a Filipino in the NBA before my life is over. that would be pretty sweet. he can't be a bench warmer though, has to be a role player at least. hahaha.

another random thing, TV is boring now. wtf is there to watch? there's no good shows at night anymore. Bachelor just started though, not my kinda show though. Waiting for american idol... Andrew Garcia top 24??? yeaaah i think so. I think lydia paek and jenny suk should audition :). I'd find a way to vote for them even though i don't reside in america. hmmm survivor: heroes vs villains is still months away.. but i'm actually really looking forward to that one too. Cartoons and kids shows nowadays suckkkk!! Back in my day there was crazy shit like: Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Power Rangers, Sailor Moon (Yess that was kick ass.. Sailor Mars was the best), Beetleborgs, Pokemon (It's just gay now), Digimon, Shaman king, Freaky Stories, Goosebumps and Are you afraid of the dark (both gave me so many nightmares), Animaniacs, i can go onn and on. The movies seemed better before too, the only really good movie i've seen in recent years that matches up to the old days is Avatar. Crazy movie, i might get that shit on blu ray when it comes out, their should be a 3D version too. :D.

holy shit it's 2:20 AM, my sleeping habits were just getting better too. i guess i'll just end this abruptly then.

till next time.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Post-Secondary Life

so it's been a couple of weeks now since school began, and it already feels like i'm 2 or 3 years separated from high school. wtf. Post-secondary is so different from high school. Don't get me wrong, i'm liking it so far but.. it's definitely no high school. I kinda miss just going to school, sitting down in the caf with everyone waiting for class to start.. doing homework last minute. Going to homeroom and talking, sleeping, or doing more last minute homework. hahhaha. and then breaks... breaks were so chill in high school. people might think i'm retarded for saying this but.. i miss GH chicken. HAHAH. i'm probably never ever gonna set foot in their ever again.. breaks definitely aren't the same in Post-Secondary. In high school you had such a wide range of people to talk to cause you knew everybody. It's definitely way harder to make new friends in post-secondary (you hardly ever have the same person in more than two classes with you if you're in the arts and science transfer program), i have made a few though. I always have breaks with at least one of my high school classmates.. it's better than being with unfamiliar faces, but i still wish i could just see everybody again. Shoot, i also miss after school just sitting outside the school/caf. hahaha staying there until like 4-5pm just talking or playing hacky sack. In college it's just.. finish last class at 3:20, meet up with rito and mike cause we all end at the same time, then canada line home.. (N) not as fun. We're planning to start hitting the weights soon though.. so.. YMCA 3x a week! yeaaa! HAHA.
I've hated enough on post-secondary. One thing i like a lot is that familiar faces are all over the place at langara (It should seriously just be called St. Patrick's College) .. Its gets annoying sometimes.. but for the most part, it's comforting cause it feels like St. Patrick's high school, like i'm not in a completely different school where i know nobody. People in grade 12 always say, "oh yeah, i don't want to go there! everyone goes there to langara! i want to meet new people!" blah blah blahblha. They don't really know the weight of those words till they experience a week or two of post-secondary. I can see some people regret going to the shcools they're attending right now, and wish they went somewhere else where they weren't so lonely.. or where the classes weren't highschool-like. hahah a good number of them wish they went to Langara instead. Langara isn't a bad school, people who say it is are just ignorant. I don't think anyone i know attending Langara regrets going there. lmao. Anywaaay, another thing. Breaks can be lame sometimes but when you're with some of your closest friends, they're not as lame. haha. Psych 1115 has got to be one of my favorite classes of all time. The prof is hilarious, and there's like 6 of us from my grad class in that class. So i feel really comfortable in that class.
All in all, post-secondary has had it's ups and downs. No uniform is both awesome and gay.. just because you gotta select what to wear. The long ass reading and lectures are... long and boring. I feel like the teachers in high school are way better teachers. no joke. high school teachers seem more.. enthusiastic about what they're teaching. At least that gave me some energy to learn. lol.
wow i'm gonna stop this now. so long. i'll add more insight later.. maybe. for now? smell ya later!

i'm on a vacation

Taking a vacation from my problems
It's the only way that I can solve 'em

Saturday, July 18, 2009

hahaha shoot this should've been posted yesterday but i was too tired. That was one of the best fridays of this summer so far. hahaha felt like just an ordinary day at first, went to get a haircut then went to papa's to eat some pizza. Went home thinking of what to do as i played my ps3. Then out of nowhere tesa and kevin surprise attack me and come to my house to pick me up. Went to DQ with them cause they were hungry (LOL honestly didn't feel like third wheel although i should've.) I wasn't hungry at first but as i watched the many strangers eating there, i was tempted to get a blizzard... so i did. hahah. We went to jenn's house and we were surprise attacked by a bucket filled with water. Didn't bring any clothes and no one told me there was gonna be a water fight. I was completely drenched. frickin water ballons, buckets, two hoses... and a water gun that shot STINKY WATER... like... water that smelled like shit. Maca frickin' sprayed me almost full body with that shit. I felt gunky. After that we just sat on the patio and ate burgers while playing the "guess what song that is" game. hahah. oooh we also watched the movie "love and basketball" or something like that. hahahha it was good but it could've been better in the end. The climax was eh.. hahaha. Went home around 11 i think? and i still wasn't dry (my shorts were still wet as hell. LOL) Came home and crashed then woke up today so early because chow called me at home... but i was too lazy to get out of bed. Played some ps3 and then rito came over cause he had to work on his resume (his comp is broken.) Downloaded some new demos on my ps3 like fight night, pixel junk games, disney's Up! HAHAH Up is the craziest demo ever. Played some ps3 and also watched the haunting in conneticut too. shiiit that movie was pretty scary... had its moments. Shoot i need to buy LBP one of these days... but its so frickin expensive still. I need to sell some of my ps2 games since i dont' play them anymore. lol. Shit kk i'm out. Justin Bieber's music video just popped on the television screen.. HAHAHAH

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fall semester.. hurry up and come already.

summer feels soo lame when you're not out. i'm always bored at home since i'm usually the only one here (mom at work, dad being a fuckface, i'm an only child.) I guess thats why i try to go out everyday... because i'm miserable at home. i really need a job because without one i feel purposeless. For an hour i stared at the ceiling in my room, lying on my bed. honestly, i kinda miss school right now. School meant seeing my friends five days a week and just having fun (all homework/tests/projects aside.) Hmm post secondary is going to be interesting. I remember at first, i kinda wanted to go to a post secondary school where no one else, or not many people, from our high school would attend. Then as high school was coming to an end, i started to think that not seeing a lot of the people i've come to know for 5 years.. or even 13 years, was gonna suck. Now... i don't even know. hahah i just want to go to school again.. wherever it is. And be free of this lonely feeling.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cats in the night

hahah shoot went to open gym with mike, rito, ryan, chow, tuliao, sean, ambrose. soo frickin fun. but also fricking TIRING AS HELL. shit man. it's SO HOT in that gym, and on top of that, it's soo hard to BREATHE in there. I was having trouble catching my breath after the FIRST 10 MINUTES of it all. HAHAH shit. I need to get back into shape. Good thing i'm taking PE at langara. HAHA. justine, lady, tin, and mel came right about when it was finishing out of nowhere. hahah apparently they went out to watch a movie. After shooting a couple more shots we decided to peace it because... open gym was done. hahaa so we headed to 7-11. HAHAH me and sean jumped onto the hood of justine's car while she was driving and then she sped up. I thought i was gonna break a bone of something. Sitting on her car was liek sitting on a FRICKIN' HEATER! We all got some slurpees and the others decided to peace it while me mike rito decided to chill at the elementary school hill. hahah shoot chilling on that hill brings back so many memories. i love chilling on that hill after open gym. HAHA like mike said.. "it's a ritual" now. hahah just some good talk out at night where's it's quiet.. so quiet we heard a cat like 40-50 meters away. Rito like approached it and was trying to make it come to him. LOL i just walked away from the cat after seeing it. Cats at night are frickin scary. After the cat left we just started talking and then out of nowhere, walking on the basketball court is this kid named BJ (used to go to sps elementary, now going vc i think.) all hypebeast and shit... with his jeans rolled up to his knees.. HAHA. I think we stayed there from like 9:30 to 11 or something. Ended up leaving when mike's parents came to pick him up. Rito got a ride with them after trying so hard not to be a bother (yennoe.. rito's a pushover. LOL.) Yepp.. so here i am fresh from a cold shower. Time to call it a day. Until next time