Friday, July 10, 2009

Cats in the night

hahah shoot went to open gym with mike, rito, ryan, chow, tuliao, sean, ambrose. soo frickin fun. but also fricking TIRING AS HELL. shit man. it's SO HOT in that gym, and on top of that, it's soo hard to BREATHE in there. I was having trouble catching my breath after the FIRST 10 MINUTES of it all. HAHAH shit. I need to get back into shape. Good thing i'm taking PE at langara. HAHA. justine, lady, tin, and mel came right about when it was finishing out of nowhere. hahah apparently they went out to watch a movie. After shooting a couple more shots we decided to peace it because... open gym was done. hahaa so we headed to 7-11. HAHAH me and sean jumped onto the hood of justine's car while she was driving and then she sped up. I thought i was gonna break a bone of something. Sitting on her car was liek sitting on a FRICKIN' HEATER! We all got some slurpees and the others decided to peace it while me mike rito decided to chill at the elementary school hill. hahah shoot chilling on that hill brings back so many memories. i love chilling on that hill after open gym. HAHA like mike said.. "it's a ritual" now. hahah just some good talk out at night where's it's quiet.. so quiet we heard a cat like 40-50 meters away. Rito like approached it and was trying to make it come to him. LOL i just walked away from the cat after seeing it. Cats at night are frickin scary. After the cat left we just started talking and then out of nowhere, walking on the basketball court is this kid named BJ (used to go to sps elementary, now going vc i think.) all hypebeast and shit... with his jeans rolled up to his knees.. HAHA. I think we stayed there from like 9:30 to 11 or something. Ended up leaving when mike's parents came to pick him up. Rito got a ride with them after trying so hard not to be a bother (yennoe.. rito's a pushover. LOL.) Yepp.. so here i am fresh from a cold shower. Time to call it a day. Until next time

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