Saturday, July 18, 2009

hahaha shoot this should've been posted yesterday but i was too tired. That was one of the best fridays of this summer so far. hahaha felt like just an ordinary day at first, went to get a haircut then went to papa's to eat some pizza. Went home thinking of what to do as i played my ps3. Then out of nowhere tesa and kevin surprise attack me and come to my house to pick me up. Went to DQ with them cause they were hungry (LOL honestly didn't feel like third wheel although i should've.) I wasn't hungry at first but as i watched the many strangers eating there, i was tempted to get a blizzard... so i did. hahah. We went to jenn's house and we were surprise attacked by a bucket filled with water. Didn't bring any clothes and no one told me there was gonna be a water fight. I was completely drenched. frickin water ballons, buckets, two hoses... and a water gun that shot STINKY WATER... like... water that smelled like shit. Maca frickin' sprayed me almost full body with that shit. I felt gunky. After that we just sat on the patio and ate burgers while playing the "guess what song that is" game. hahah. oooh we also watched the movie "love and basketball" or something like that. hahahha it was good but it could've been better in the end. The climax was eh.. hahaha. Went home around 11 i think? and i still wasn't dry (my shorts were still wet as hell. LOL) Came home and crashed then woke up today so early because chow called me at home... but i was too lazy to get out of bed. Played some ps3 and then rito came over cause he had to work on his resume (his comp is broken.) Downloaded some new demos on my ps3 like fight night, pixel junk games, disney's Up! HAHAH Up is the craziest demo ever. Played some ps3 and also watched the haunting in conneticut too. shiiit that movie was pretty scary... had its moments. Shoot i need to buy LBP one of these days... but its so frickin expensive still. I need to sell some of my ps2 games since i dont' play them anymore. lol. Shit kk i'm out. Justin Bieber's music video just popped on the television screen.. HAHAHAH

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fall semester.. hurry up and come already.

summer feels soo lame when you're not out. i'm always bored at home since i'm usually the only one here (mom at work, dad being a fuckface, i'm an only child.) I guess thats why i try to go out everyday... because i'm miserable at home. i really need a job because without one i feel purposeless. For an hour i stared at the ceiling in my room, lying on my bed. honestly, i kinda miss school right now. School meant seeing my friends five days a week and just having fun (all homework/tests/projects aside.) Hmm post secondary is going to be interesting. I remember at first, i kinda wanted to go to a post secondary school where no one else, or not many people, from our high school would attend. Then as high school was coming to an end, i started to think that not seeing a lot of the people i've come to know for 5 years.. or even 13 years, was gonna suck. Now... i don't even know. hahah i just want to go to school again.. wherever it is. And be free of this lonely feeling.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cats in the night

hahah shoot went to open gym with mike, rito, ryan, chow, tuliao, sean, ambrose. soo frickin fun. but also fricking TIRING AS HELL. shit man. it's SO HOT in that gym, and on top of that, it's soo hard to BREATHE in there. I was having trouble catching my breath after the FIRST 10 MINUTES of it all. HAHAH shit. I need to get back into shape. Good thing i'm taking PE at langara. HAHA. justine, lady, tin, and mel came right about when it was finishing out of nowhere. hahah apparently they went out to watch a movie. After shooting a couple more shots we decided to peace it because... open gym was done. hahaa so we headed to 7-11. HAHAH me and sean jumped onto the hood of justine's car while she was driving and then she sped up. I thought i was gonna break a bone of something. Sitting on her car was liek sitting on a FRICKIN' HEATER! We all got some slurpees and the others decided to peace it while me mike rito decided to chill at the elementary school hill. hahah shoot chilling on that hill brings back so many memories. i love chilling on that hill after open gym. HAHA like mike said.. "it's a ritual" now. hahah just some good talk out at night where's it's quiet.. so quiet we heard a cat like 40-50 meters away. Rito like approached it and was trying to make it come to him. LOL i just walked away from the cat after seeing it. Cats at night are frickin scary. After the cat left we just started talking and then out of nowhere, walking on the basketball court is this kid named BJ (used to go to sps elementary, now going vc i think.) all hypebeast and shit... with his jeans rolled up to his knees.. HAHA. I think we stayed there from like 9:30 to 11 or something. Ended up leaving when mike's parents came to pick him up. Rito got a ride with them after trying so hard not to be a bother (yennoe.. rito's a pushover. LOL.) Yepp.. so here i am fresh from a cold shower. Time to call it a day. Until next time

Making my way downtown..

haaa, walking around dt with lg and longanisa today was fun. After getting hooked up with some free ice age 3d tickets yesterday, went to watch some transformers 2 today. We got our tickets like 2 hours ahead of time so we just walked around for a bit. We revisited the building we went to for the law field trip and just sat there for like.. an hour. Pure LOLness. I wish i brought my camera so i could've recorded some of the shit that went down. After that we made our way to this hidden Tim Hortons at granville skytrain station. I never even knew it existed until today. Lady gets hook ups for everything.. i swear. HAHA. Free bagel with cream cheese (I don't even remember her eating it :S) SHIT that reminds me... i have a large mcdonalds fries wasting away in my bag. LOL. better throw that away. Oh yeaaah, we also went to london drugs so i could buy some shit. I almost bought some loreal kids watermelon shampoo.. HAHA but it wasn't on sale. Lady was reading some 24 hours newspaper and i needed to spray this axe thing on something so i could smell it... so i aimed it at the newspaper, but i miss and sprayed a lot of it onto Lady (the smell was so shitty too) ... HAHAH. After wasting a good amount of time we went back to get some good seats for the movie. Turns out we were the first ones there, crazy since thats the first time i was ever the first one in the theatre. HAHA shit.. Megan Fox... you are one gorgeous mama. I almost cried when she got stood up for her first virtual date with whatever his name was. HAHA. I bet a lot of the girls would go lesbo for megan... although i prefer that they don't *ahem*rozanne*ahem*. That shit labuoeff guy or what his name is, is one lucky bastard. The movie was so effing long! but it was so effing good. HAHAH shoot i went to the washroom TWICE DURING THAT MOVIE.. AND I STILL HAD TO PISS BAD AFTER TOO. HAHA. Shoot, i swear i had bladder problems. I EVEN PISSED TWICE BEFORE THE MOVIE. WTF MAN! (I'm serious, even ask lady or mike.) HAHA shoot... the movie ended at 9:30 but we still didn't want to go home. We ended up skytraining to waterfront to ride the seabus for fun. I used the washroom 3 more times there. LOL. MAN! public washrooms smell like shit. I pinch my nose but i can still TASTE the air in my mouth. disgusting. I think it was the first time in like.. 10 years, that i was on a seabus. It was sooo chill actually. 45 minutes (going there and coming back) of just good conversation on the ocean. Sounds gay but it was relaxing and a nice change of pace. The lights in the city were crazy to look at from the seabus. haha it was something different for once. When we got off the sea bus i was kinda sad cause it felt like the day was coming to an end. I used the restroom ONE LAST TIME before we went back to the skytrain station. I SWEAR, none of those trips were to take a number 2. I think i drank too much today. I ended up walking from main skytrain to my house at 10:30PM. LAME. NO BUS CAME PASS ME. NOT EVEN A FRASER OR METRO. I also walked by soem gayass drunkee and he whispered to me... "fuck me babe." FREAKY SHIT. I just walked faster and looked straight. Thought he would follow but he just stayed put and giggled... thank god. Came home to see that i did not change my status and that a couple people messaged. LOL fail. this like the second night in a row i've done that. Shit man... This blog took me like 4 hours to write. Mike just signed off and made me realize... its frickin 2AM. holy crap. This has to be THE LONGEST PARAGRAPH i've ever written. hahah. kk.. i'm out. next time i post something it won't be as long.. . i hope.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

i fucking hate how people can make me feel so insufficient/inferior/whatever you wanna call it. ... i know it's not really their fault i feel that way and that most of the blame should go to myself.. But I mean seriously, there's not one thing about myself right now that i'm proud of. I really really hate myself. REALLY. Some people may think i'm a liar for saying this because of the way i present myself. Some people tell me i don't realize how much i've got going for me. But honestly, i feel so trapped. I honestly don't believe it when people tell me i have a lot going for me. It's all BS.. I WISH that i had more going for me. It's like i got almost nothing going for me at all.
There's nothing special with me. I'm not smart, i'm not athletic, i'm not talented/gifted or whatever, and i'm a bland person to talk to. I'm just some kid who TRIES his best to be happy by being loud and hyper. Sometimes i wonder why people even talk to me or hang out with me. Honestly i just feel like an annoying distraction most of the time... but that's just how i deal. Why do people stick with me? I have nothing to offer. I'm not exactly the best person as i've pointed out. I guess some people see that and thats why they ditch me and find other friends... friends that have something to offer, like smarts, higher "status" or whatever. Hahah there are so many people with traits that make them a much better friend than me to have..
Seriously... i just feel like a second-string/third-string friend anyways.. Like a substitute when needed.