Wednesday, January 6, 2010


i'm not going to type using proper grammar... too tired.

the title of this post... thats all i hear from my teachers nowadays. my courses or teachers aren't really the problem though. hahah i'm just too lazy to give a damn about school right now. it's the wrong attitude, but i can't help it. i know i'm whining, but i'm a whiner. lol. I WANNA STAY 18 FOREVER. i wanna continue to live knowing i don't have to work to support myself. i just want to sleep, eat, and go out and do stuff with friends. i'm very selfish :D. too bad life doesn't work like that. I swear. . . i need to find a way to get on to one of those shows like big brother, deal or no deal, family feud or something. Heck i'd even do survivor for 40 days. . . Life better not be like this after post secondary. i need more purpose to live godamnit!

On another note, i'm so hyped for the olympic break already! woooot. 5 and half more weeks!!! CMONNN. can't wait to sleep in again. i wish i was an athlete in the olympics, that way i wouldn't have to go to school and i could just win gold medals and get endorsement deals so forth. if only i was half filipino half something else. full filipinos get shafted in sports unless your name is Manny Pacquiao. . . but i still want to see a Filipino in the NBA before my life is over. that would be pretty sweet. he can't be a bench warmer though, has to be a role player at least. hahaha.

another random thing, TV is boring now. wtf is there to watch? there's no good shows at night anymore. Bachelor just started though, not my kinda show though. Waiting for american idol... Andrew Garcia top 24??? yeaaah i think so. I think lydia paek and jenny suk should audition :). I'd find a way to vote for them even though i don't reside in america. hmmm survivor: heroes vs villains is still months away.. but i'm actually really looking forward to that one too. Cartoons and kids shows nowadays suckkkk!! Back in my day there was crazy shit like: Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Power Rangers, Sailor Moon (Yess that was kick ass.. Sailor Mars was the best), Beetleborgs, Pokemon (It's just gay now), Digimon, Shaman king, Freaky Stories, Goosebumps and Are you afraid of the dark (both gave me so many nightmares), Animaniacs, i can go onn and on. The movies seemed better before too, the only really good movie i've seen in recent years that matches up to the old days is Avatar. Crazy movie, i might get that shit on blu ray when it comes out, their should be a 3D version too. :D.

holy shit it's 2:20 AM, my sleeping habits were just getting better too. i guess i'll just end this abruptly then.

till next time.

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