Monday, September 28, 2009

The Post-Secondary Life

so it's been a couple of weeks now since school began, and it already feels like i'm 2 or 3 years separated from high school. wtf. Post-secondary is so different from high school. Don't get me wrong, i'm liking it so far but.. it's definitely no high school. I kinda miss just going to school, sitting down in the caf with everyone waiting for class to start.. doing homework last minute. Going to homeroom and talking, sleeping, or doing more last minute homework. hahhaha. and then breaks... breaks were so chill in high school. people might think i'm retarded for saying this but.. i miss GH chicken. HAHAH. i'm probably never ever gonna set foot in their ever again.. breaks definitely aren't the same in Post-Secondary. In high school you had such a wide range of people to talk to cause you knew everybody. It's definitely way harder to make new friends in post-secondary (you hardly ever have the same person in more than two classes with you if you're in the arts and science transfer program), i have made a few though. I always have breaks with at least one of my high school classmates.. it's better than being with unfamiliar faces, but i still wish i could just see everybody again. Shoot, i also miss after school just sitting outside the school/caf. hahaha staying there until like 4-5pm just talking or playing hacky sack. In college it's just.. finish last class at 3:20, meet up with rito and mike cause we all end at the same time, then canada line home.. (N) not as fun. We're planning to start hitting the weights soon though.. so.. YMCA 3x a week! yeaaa! HAHA.
I've hated enough on post-secondary. One thing i like a lot is that familiar faces are all over the place at langara (It should seriously just be called St. Patrick's College) .. Its gets annoying sometimes.. but for the most part, it's comforting cause it feels like St. Patrick's high school, like i'm not in a completely different school where i know nobody. People in grade 12 always say, "oh yeah, i don't want to go there! everyone goes there to langara! i want to meet new people!" blah blah blahblha. They don't really know the weight of those words till they experience a week or two of post-secondary. I can see some people regret going to the shcools they're attending right now, and wish they went somewhere else where they weren't so lonely.. or where the classes weren't highschool-like. hahah a good number of them wish they went to Langara instead. Langara isn't a bad school, people who say it is are just ignorant. I don't think anyone i know attending Langara regrets going there. lmao. Anywaaay, another thing. Breaks can be lame sometimes but when you're with some of your closest friends, they're not as lame. haha. Psych 1115 has got to be one of my favorite classes of all time. The prof is hilarious, and there's like 6 of us from my grad class in that class. So i feel really comfortable in that class.
All in all, post-secondary has had it's ups and downs. No uniform is both awesome and gay.. just because you gotta select what to wear. The long ass reading and lectures are... long and boring. I feel like the teachers in high school are way better teachers. no joke. high school teachers seem more.. enthusiastic about what they're teaching. At least that gave me some energy to learn. lol.
wow i'm gonna stop this now. so long. i'll add more insight later.. maybe. for now? smell ya later!

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