Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008.. you've been an interesting year. haha

Well the new year is coming up... 2008 was an awesome year.. with all the dilemmas, drama, and tiresome rehearsals aside. I've grown distant from a few people, grown closer to others... it's how life goes i guess.. anywaaays..

Thank you 2008 for... (I tried to put this in Chronological order... haha) :

- ...Tuliao's birthday at WINGS. HAHA! those super hot spicy chicken wings... countless trips to the washroom... drinking all that pop.. hahha
- Going to metro after wings to watch "I Am Legend" with chow, brandyn, mike, bryan, and brett. HAHAH. Screaming when no one else in the theatre was.. talking too much and people telling us to shut up.
- NBA all-star weekend at Cara's.. betting on the dunk contest, 3pt shootout, and skills challenge with roeden and mike. hahha
- Brawl at Archimedes
- Squirrel Square.. Kevin getting barred until 2020 for heckling people in random games.. HAHAH!
- Spring break... i watched pokemon movies every night. HAHAHAH
- Getting my L during spring break. haha.
- Watching Shutter... marayag going to chapters to read. HAHAH
- Choir trip to Cuba... being away from home on my birthday... hahah it was chill. good times.
- Motion Pictures.. Chilling at Grays park.. Failing at the boomerang... boomerang snapping in half... HAHA.
- Dropping Chamber and Concert choir.. dilemma with Araujo.. haha.
- Golden eye at my house... hahahh
- All you can eat at Shabusens.. filled my belly up. haha
- Chilling at the beach during the summer
- The M Crew. hahha.
- Playing Gunbound and Rumble online on late nights during the summer with ritz and ryan. good times. haha.
- Going bowling at TNC during the summer.
- Working out everyday of summer... What a waste. ahha
- Messed up sleeping patterns in the summer.. Sleeping at 7 AM.. waking up at 3 PM.. every day. lol.
- BBQ at Amanda's... style points in badminton, soccer. running through the sprinklers. HAHA.
- ........ ASHLAND ........
- Tesa trying to get money online on YUWEI. HAHAHAHA. refreshing the same page 99999999 times a day with some program.
- BOSTON PIZZA. HAHAH $140 for 7 of us.. i paid like $30-40
- Kayaking... falling off my kayak.. hahh
- Eating Crickets and Larvets. HAHAH
- Random adventure with ambrose, alex, and rosalind to VGH and then Toys'r'us.
- The Fantasy Basketball Draft at sean's that never happened... Playing FIFA and watching Saw 4 instead. hahha
- The draft finally happened and took like 3-4 hours to finish..
- Going to science world on a school day for a day of science. hahaha
- Working at IGA for a week. LOL.
- ENCOUNTER XXVII. hahha e.c.'s.. lol.
- Watching the strangers.. horrible movie.
- Parent Teacher day. haha
- Walking to that stanley industrial theatre whatever place .. watching that play with the guy who has a long nose. HAHHA
- Conflict with administration at school (N)
- Grad Photo day (Y).. group pictures on the floor HAHA. walking around the mall in our suits... playing music on our cells in the food court.
- Dilemmas and Drama in December.. hahah.
- Random adventure with alex, ambrose, and rosalind again.. this time to Canadian Tire/Home Depot... then Game stop.. then eating at Wendy's... then my emo walk home.
- Early dismissal from school because of snow.. going to wendy's, then gamestop, then bestbuy, then walked all the way back for a sausage fest at my house... lol.
- Talent show.. which was actually good this year.
- Playing WII fit at mike's.. side planks and lunges.. haha, FREAKIN 2 hours bussing to Johan's. haha. Walking to the park and licking poles
- Gingerbread disaster, Watching that chinese movie at jenn's where they kill people with playing cards. The blizzard.. lol.
- Skating (I still can't do that stop) and tabogonning.. then Wingnuts where it was so effing cold. The busses taking forever that day.. haha.
- Boxing day.. metro.. search for food.. cock block at metro skytrain.. walking to patterson skytrain in the snow.. skytrain stopping for like 20 minutes at each station.. eating at mcdonalds on broadway.. skytraining downtown to meet up with kev.. two white tee's for $9 at sears. LOL bargain.. random chick uses kevin's cell to call long distance.. HAHAH.. force buying hoodies at urban outfitters.. mike only playing $24 for his hoodie.. me paying $44.. kevin paying $49.. MESSED UP CRAP!
- Skating in victor's skates.. ahah i got blisters. Then going to Costco to eat. LOL. mmm good food. randomly walking around chapters, PC, and future shop.. mike getting pokemon puzzle league.. hahaha.
- N64 and Dinner with mike, hollis, jenn....... HAHAHAH oh man.

Oh yeah.. these classes rocked.. hahah.
French 11.. me, the river, and kevin at the back.. hahha drawing all the time. Getting B's on our report cards while zahar's class failed.
Religion 11.. in the IT room. Playing mini putt. hahha easiest A of my life.
Foods 11.. haha best cooking group ever.
Choir 11.. 99999999 rehearsals aside.. it was a good year. hah

So long 2008... here's to a good 2009.

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John Ray Catingub said...

Oh man, I had so many memories with you. It's strange. Ahaha.

Signing the waiver at WINGS with you and Mike... I still have the photo... LOL. Afterwards, I remember you guys being so damn indecisive on whether or not to see There Will Be Blood with me and Andrew. You ended up at Metro without telling us. (smh)

Spring Break L club. (H)

Grays Park... Never forget the killer boomerang and how it hit that mom in the wrist. Who threw it anyway?

Shabusen... for my birthday. Thanks for you guys ditching me afterward, LOL. (Y)


Never forget the shame draft at Sean's. The gummy tubes and the PS3.

Good way to close out 2009 with Costco and Chapters... DO I SMELL A NEW TRADITION!?!?!?!?!?!

largirl + hoo hah.