Friday, August 22, 2008

i was bored.

I already forgot i had this.. hahah.. So I've started driving lessons recently and thats been going alright.. the only thing i hate about driving is when people honk at you =S.. can't they see the red learners sign on the car? geeeez. I've also been watching the olympics. Canada has 17 medals now! wooooh!! Too bad michael phelps still has more gold medals than us =O.. and Usain Bolt has as many golds as we do too. I wonder who's better.. Bolt in track or Phelps in swimming.. haha. I've also been keeping a close eye on basketball. The final is set and its gonna be Spain vs USA. Honestly, I hope the US lose this one.. They're too arrogant and what not. Have you seen their show "Road to Redemption"? hahaha.. maybe i'd cheer for them if the majority of their team weren't future hall of famers. Spain is gonna win this one.

Ever heard of this kid?
Ricky Rubio. only 17 YEARS OLD, regarded by some scouts as the best basketball player in the world that's NOT in the NBA. Some NBA teams already have scouts out there watching this guy. He's getting good playing time right now in the olympics and i'm curious to see how he'll do against the US in the finals..

2 more weeks left of summer vacation which means.. SCHOOL STARTS IN 2 WEEKS! aiyaaaah. A few weeks ago i was waiting for school to come. Now i don't want it to.. i'm well adjusted to my daily routine now. hehe

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John Ray Catingub said...

You know what I find disheartening? When kids our age make it big in the world and all we're doing is sitting around our houses stuck on the computer or on the couch or on video games. Sucks to know that we could do so much better but we don't. Like Jesus, that 17 year old kid. I was watching the 10 m Dive and a 16 year old Chinese girl won gold. Very disheartening.